THE 2019 calendar IS HERE!
a summer of lovely garden visits ahead!

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Love Gardens?

As always, Secret Gardens of Sligo provides a wonderful opportunity for all garden lovers to do what they enjoy most - peek over a wall, sneak through a gate and explore an unknown garden to their hearts' content. These hidden gardens, large and small and in some wonderful settings, offer inspiration, ideas and tranquillity - a perfect day out.

Over the last nine years, we have raised over €42,600 for the various charities chosen by our garden owners, and we would like to thank all the visitors who have made this possible.

This year, 2019, there are 11 gardens in total - some of the original founder members of SGS and others who have joined more recently or returned. We hope you will make a date in your diary to visit them all - gardens change and grow from year to year, so a garden you visited during a previous season will almost certainly have new things to offer this year.

And don't forget, each of our gardens is a completely different experience.

The Secret Gardens range hugely in size, style and content; they are generally works in progress and many have been created on a shoestring. Some are very old, others relatively new, but they all have this in common: their owners are passionate about them, and each one is the owner’s personal journey through horticulture and design, different plants and palettes, and how to make the best use of the site, soil and situation that chance has given them.
Each is a pleasure to visit!

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If you are unable to visit on a garden's official open day, most are happy to open by special appointment, please telephone to ask.

If you wish to visit with a large group of people, please telephone in advance to confirm.

Children are welcome, but we request that they are supervised at all times.

Sorry, no dogs!

To avoid disappointment, please telephone ahead to ask if a garden is wheelchair accessible or not.